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Athena Vineyards and Winery is an award winning winery in the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail

Welcome to Athena Vineyards and Winery



Now you and your friends can taste all wineries in the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail with one Passport. Purchase this Passport at any of our trail wineries event booths and your tasting fees are waived for all winery visits. Tasting pass valid thru March 31, 2016

Favorite daughter of the Greek God, Zeus: Pallas Athena or simply, Pallas is known as the goddess of wisdom. Because of this gift she was charged with overseeing practical arts which included agriculture and winemaking. On the hill of the Acropolis, the Athenians built a temple to Pallas – the Parthenon.

Virginia's Northern Neck is a peninsula formed by the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers, both breathtaking in their beauty.  The rivers are tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, which is a major factor in creating a stable climate accommodating many varieties of wine grapes.  Our vineyards are broken into 7 different small, manageable blocks – each with their own unique microclimate. These Estate Vineyards cover about 40 acres of gently rolling, well-drained countryside.  The climate and topography, along with the soil which is a sandy loam, creates conditions reminiscent of those of the Bordeaux region

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